Christmas Decorating Eastern North Carolina:

Christmas Decorating Wilmington & Eastern North Carolina


Alana Solomon decorates anything that will hold still. Put the holiday back in your Christmas holiday. Call Alana today! She’s the hardest working elf in Santa has ever seen! 910 232 5427 Eastern & Central North Carolina.
Christmas is right around the corner,
 and if you are having trouble coming up with just the perfect gift that shows you care an awful lot, look no further. Alana paints custom artwork any size and any budget. All subjects are wonderful ideas, from house portraits, pet portraits, children portraits, landscapes, gardens, seascapes and on and on it goes! “I just finished a wonderful dog painting for a client but won’t be able to publish it until after Christmas because it is a surprise!”, said Alana with paintbrushes in both hands. “It’s not too late to order a painting, because I’m zippy fast and I paint all day, sometimes nights too!,” added Alana.

A painting made to order could be the gift your loved one never forgets and cherishes for years to come. Alana’s art celebrates new home purchases, new location moves, old home-places, milestones for children’s sports, fun summer vacations, exotic trips and much much more. Paintings also memorialize much-loved, aging pets. If you are stuck and need help brainstorming, call Alana. She’s happy to make suggestions and help you plan a wonderful Christmas gift surprise this year!

“Shadow & Floyd” by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Prints Available—Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427. Email:

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Children’s Portraits

"Anna & Hunter" by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Call Alana for Prints: USA 910 232 5427. Email:


Alana Solomon-Just Faux Fun, Inc.

Alana Solomon-Just Faux Fun, Inc.

Gypsy Artist Paints The Town: Alana Solomon

Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc.paints anything that will hold still!  Indochine Restaurant, located in Wilmington, NC is just one of the beautiful examples of Alana’s hand-painting. Most of her work is residential and runs the gamut from traditional, to french country, to contemporary, to industrial and so on.IndochineDoors

IndochineBarAlana'sArt StudioCreativity is a bottomless well so long as you stay in touch with the Original Creator. His supplies never run out and His imagination is infinite. Why just look at His ever changing sky schematic collection alone!SeaHorses-Info

Drop cloths, brushes, paint tubes, buckets, tape, and ladders; “These are a few of my favorite things,” Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. continues, “Piles of canvases, frames, and gold leaf are things I never have enough!” she said. “My favorite college professor taught me to break out of my comfort zone. He had all the students bring sticks to class instead of paintbrushes. He said anything from nature we could bring, just not traditional artist tools. Then he held a stop watch and said ‘Go!’ He was the kind of professor, you just knew you better have something on your canvas when he said ‘Stop!’,” continued Alana. “He changed my perspective forever, I have never been the same! I was finally FREE!”, exclaimed Alana. Just Faux Fun, Inc. and Alana Solomon are still painting up a storm.GDayMaam-Info


Where ART & IMAGINATION are free to run wild!
Alana hopes to inspire everyone!


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Alana’s been swinging a paintbrush since she could pick one up! Poke around this site and you will discover a power plant of creative energy! If it’s art, it’s on the menu! Here’s hoping you will be inspired to create crazy-fun art of any and many kinds!
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Serving happy art fans since 1990.


JUST FAUX FUN, INC.                                              MURALS

WORKSHOPS                                                                 a BLOG of paint

COMMISSIONED PORTRAITS                                                  GIFTS                                     


CHILDREN’S PORTRAITS                                       PHOTOGRAPHY

PAINTED FURNITURE                                       RESTORATION & REPAIR

PET PORTRAITS                                                    HOME PLACE PORTRAITS

HOUSE SITTING                                                     PET SITTING

RETAIL—TICKLED PINK                                   RETAIL—PURPLE DOOR

To contact Alana: USA 910 232 5427 Email:

Look for Alana on Facebook: Alana Justfauxfun

Alana's Art Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427 Email:

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Member: Wilmington Art Association

Enjoy Alana’s Art at Indochine Restaurant in Wilmington, NC, USA. Alana’s Art at Indochine creates the magical experience of visiting the Far East without leaving the country! Call Just Faux Fun, Inc.for all your artistic illusions of grandeur!

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AlanaLilyPondFullFor your next mural:

Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427

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WET PAINT!—Faux Finish & Art for Walls


Alana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. creates one-of-a-kind framed art in any size, color, style and subject. This is an example of Alana’s Art created especially for you! They are unforgettable and make great gifts for any and all occasions! Choose your subject matter, colors, style, and custom framing. CALL ALANA TODAY!

VISIT extensive gallery on Facebook: Just Faux Fun, Inc.

Call Alana for Prints and Originals! USA 910 232 5427.

For inquiries Calling is BEST! email:

JustFauxFunAlana Solomon of Just Faux Fun, Inc. paints anything that will hold still! Alana specializes in custom layered faux finishes with hand-painted designs for a luxurious wallpaper effect without seams or repeats. Alana loves metallic patinas, marbleizing, wood-graining, and trompe l’oeil effects. She paints walls, floors, ceilings, trim, furniture and much, much, more! Alana does one-of-a-kind murals and hand-painted motifs, coffered ceilings, faux woodgrain on paneling, ceiling beams, and columns.NealDiningSet

Alana repairs damaged surfaces, gold leaf frames, and missing frieze details. When it comes to paint, Alana Solomon can fix most anything and make dramatic changes. She gives free quotes and will supply sample boards at reasonable rates. Alana’s prices are competitive for the quality of her work. She is unsurpassed in the Southeast and very professional, according to many of her clients.LoeppMarbleSeatAd

Just Faux Fun, Inc. is proud to offer murals, faux painting, color-washing, faux leather, faux snake skin, faux malachite, faux stone, faux tile, woodgraining, marbleizing, faux bricks, faux plaster, fresco, custom designs, scrollwork, metallic patinas, silver leafing, gold leafing, and much, much more.WilkersonMuralW:Columncs

Alana Solomon is diverse in style, subject matter, color knowledge, design, and is also very fast. “Clients don’t really want a resident artist, even though most of my clients have become good friends of mine and even hire me as their house sitter!” says Alana. “I guess they don’t mind me working in their homes, why, just the other day, my client told me she missed me when I was gone! What a compliment!” continued Alana.AndersonKitchenBrickTileOutletAd


















Alana Solomon loves waves of color. She invites you all to sea! Alana paints simple faux walls, or stripes, or diamonds, or layered designs, whatever flavor she and the client can dream up! Alana stays abreast of the latest trends as well as classic designs. “Only bad faux gives faux a bad name. Faux that is done really well, is here to stay. One of my interior designer friends is still enjoying her house full of faux painting that I did way back in 1997! When you mix techniques, and you paint with impeccable craftsmanship, faux can be an asset to a house, helping it hold it’s value and even help it to sell quicker than neighboring homes.” says Alana.

Paint is a very versatile solution for most design dilemmas. Alana Solomon has seen many homes and businesses interiors in her years in the design service industry. Having graduated from East Carolina University in 1995 and traveling through the country and abroad, Alana has a wealth of design knowledge she has used in honing her skills since opening Just Faux Fun, Inc. in 1997.Alana'sWorkStationAlanaLilyPondFull

Call Alana for tropical murals, garden scenes, pet portraits, children portraits, pet photography, wildlife photography and all your artistic needs. The sky is the limit! Which is to say, Alana is somewhere right now with her head in the clouds! She’s only a cell phone call away! She may be reached at USA 910 232 5427.BlueSkyOpenPorch

And Alana Solomon is into the smallest details of your custom home. “It’s amazing what a huge difference something as small as painting switch covers can make. My clients just rave over what I do to the eyesores atop their fabulous granite and marble counters. The husbands especially seem to enjoy them!” comments Alana.

GarmTileAdAlana’s Art Studio is bursting with creative projects of all kinds.

Glitter & Gold Leaf: The Art of Alana Solomon makes great gifts for any and all occasions. Give the gift of original art! Your friends and family might forget ordinary gifts but they will never forget the year they received original artwork, framed and ready to decorate their homes and offices! Alana paints custom portraits in many different styles, from impressionism, to realism, to a mixture of the two!TabloidGlitter&GoldLeafLionToImpressEveryone-72res

One-of-a-kind paintings by Alana Solomon give any space added color and luminosity, expressing perk and personality to an otherwise bland habitat. Alana loves to use metallics that catch the light and flicker, “winking” at you as you pass through the room. You will enjoy interacting with your collection every time you and your visitors enter the room. The artwork also changes with the lighting throughout the day and evening. In natural light and artificial light, these paintings are constantly changing and taking on different moods.BelugaAdvertisment

You be the designer of your own custom artwork. Call Alana today and choose your colors, your subject matter, your dimensions and enjoy your personal custom masterpiece today. Perhaps you have a special memoral vacation with photos of places, people and wildlife you’d like to have transformed into original artwork. Create a conversation piece for your great room or foyer that sparks memories and sharing of your trips and travels. Alana paints landscapes, historic home places, wildlife, seascapes, abstracts, and anything you can dream of.StorybookPortraitsLogotypew-website

Visit her extensive portfolio on Facebook: Just Faux Fun, Inc.JustFauxFun,Inc.Logo12in.72reswebsiteCapitoCabinetAdvertisment


For your next mural:Alana'sArtTobaccoMural

Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427

Email Alana:

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PURRRRFECT ART by Alana Solomon

ART FUR SALE!!! Get wild with some new art for your space. Call Alana and see what the cat dragged in!LeopardWaterColor

Alana’s paintbrush is in full swing and you will really want to get your claws on her next masterpiece! Every painting comes with a tale (tail) to tell!LionCroppedW:banner

Meowzzzzza! Check out all her funky art! Alana’s easel always has a project in progress. You never know what you are going to find. She barely gets a catnap between paintings. If you see something you like, you better pounce before your neighbors see it and scratch your eyes out over it!

"Sugar Cube" painted by Alana Solomon. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved. Original & Prints Available: Call Alana—USA 910 232 5427. Email—

Alana’s paintings can be quite whimsical, as if she’s enjoyed too much catnip! But that is just the ceaseless imagination of Alana’s nonstop brain. Any style you like, Alana Solomon will turn out the purrrrfect painting for your taste.iSmellTunaW:banner

Sink your claws into a colorful, splashy, colorful creation that will liven up your space. If you call Alana for a surprise gift for your friend, you will be so excited, you might decide to keep it for yourself! You might just look like the cat that ate the canary! So order two, or three, or four paintings, so you can keep and share the fun!


Call Alana: USA 910 232 5427

Email Alana:

Visit Alana’s Art StudioAlana'sArt Studio

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